Be a part of the journey that makes the soil’s treasures with Harvestas: a unique platform dedicated to helping wine, olive oil, coffee lovers and everyone in between book once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

Globalization means we have access to wonderful foods, exotic drinks, and treats from every corner of the world. The abundance, however, also means many of us have lost the understanding of where the products we love come from and fail to appreciate the hard work, passion, and creativity behind them. Harvestas provides you with the unique opportunity to learn the intricacies of the production and processes behind your favourite agricultural products while also help spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility in order to contribute to the fair pay and work conditions of those behind them. 

Fancy a weekend trip to a quaint vineyard or a buzzing with life farm to learn more about the processes that create the most delicious nature’s treats? Sign up to Harvestas for an abundance of unique wine tasting experiences and wonderful opportunities to witness first-hand the process of making wine. Couple that with our exciting opportunities to spend the night in a cozy, romantic accommodation on the vineyard for the ultimate wine-lover experience of the century. 

The mind and heart behind Harvestas are Eli and Pascal. Passionate travelers who appreciate nothing more than good wine and steaming coffee. As avid travelers and wine connoisseurs, we have always been passionate about visiting vineyards to gain a deeper appreciation of the supply chain processes. However, comparing vineyards offering overnight stays or wine tastings at a given region proved cumbersome and often time-consuming. That’s how we came up with the idea of Harvestas: a simple, easy-to-navigate platform that matches plantation and vineyard owners with coffee, olive oil and wine lovers for mutually beneficial experiences.

Transparency is the main cornerstone of our professional approach. We created Harvestas to help people make better, more informed choices: to learn and gain an appreciation for the processes that create the soil’s treasures, as well as the workers behind them. 


How Harvestas helps sellers

Harvestas provides an affordable and reliable online distribution channel for everyone who works with the soil’s treasures. Designed exclusively for the needs of wine producers, coffee and olive plantation owners as well as other producers and farmers who offer visits, tastings, and accommodation, the platform provides you with an opportunity to increase your revenues and provide more people with the rare chance to get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your manufacture processes.

We created Harvestas to bridge the gap between manufacturers and connoisseurs. Help your customers learn and experience first-hand what is behind every tasty drop of olive oil or the perfect cup of coffee by signing up for Harvestas!

How Harvestas helps customers

Get undulated experiences with Harvestas: the online platform that provides you with a simple and affordable way to learn about every step of the supply chain and manufacture process behind your favorite soil’s treasures. Browse our offerings and compare vineyards’ prices, features, and location. Indulge in the rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of what makes every drop of olive oil delicious and work side-by-side with coffee roasters, baristas, and wine sellers. The intuitive booking system makes your next trip to the vineyard or coffee plantation easier than a breeze!